Ice and Icicles

Hi friends!

In previous post I was telling you about the beauty of snow. However it’s not only snow that is worth shooting in winter. Another element that can have a great impact on the photos is ice. So in this post I attached some pictures with different ice shapes. Let me tell you their “story”.

Last week of January brought quite strange weather in Romania. After having snowed in previous weeks a frozen rain covered everything with glazed frost: streets, sidewalks, houses and trees. The pavement got so slippery that it was extremely difficult to walk. But the most unusual thing that happened was the ice from the trees.

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The trees got covered by a thick layer of ice that had two effects. The good one was the visual which was indeed incredible: a lot of beautiful frosty shapes were there to please the eye of the viewer. It was a great shooting opportunity which many of us took advantage of. However there was also the less beautiful part: the heavy ice coating brought many trees to the ground. I myself saw at least ten of them falling while walking on the streets and in the park. Haven’t seen this in my entire life! It was quite dangerous to wander outside the house. However I preferred to ignore the danger as I couldn’t miss such a chance.

The pictures below show the beauty of this phenomenon. The bad part? Let’s forget it and hope it will not happen again in the nearby future.

Take care.

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