Insects (7)

In a previous post I mentioned that the time period which is suitable for insect photography starts approximately in March and ends in September. However, what I didn’t point out is that the “sweet spot” for shooting these tiny creatures is May.

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The reason is simple: during this month the spring is at its climax, everything is green and there are flowers everywhere. I had the chance of noticing this both in city and mountain areas during the last years’ photographic trips.

Well, as everyone knows, insects are attracted to flowers so you can find plenty! It’s also the mating period for many of them, which makes it pretty obvious they must “go out and fly around” to ensure their species will survive.

For this reason my advice to you is simple: don’t miss this “sweet insect shooting timeframe” 🙂 Spend as much time in the field and let your sensor capture as many subjects as possible!

Patience and passion will bring great results. Good light and good luck!

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