Tortoises are fascinating creatures. Some of them live longer than humans (the ones from Galapagos can reach up to several hundred years). They also have various sizes, from very small to “extra large” depending on species. On solid ground they move according to the “so why hurry up?” rule, yet situation is different when they are in the water. Their habitat can be found either in seas or ocenas, but also in “sweet water” lakes.

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The ones below live in one of the lakes from Bucharest. Not sure how they got there, it is possible that someone abandoned them and the lake became their home. Now they are one of the “symbols” of the small park.

Cute creatures, aren’t they? 🙂

PS. If travelling to Zakyntos (Zante) Island don’t forget to go on a trip via Yellow Submarine to see the “Careta Careta” tortoises. You won’t regret it!










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