The Sky is on Fire! (Part 2)

In nature photography it is essential to always get a good lighting. Let me explain: not all subjects might be interesting at first sight, yet if you have a good light they will suddenly become atractive. The quality of light depends on more things such as: season, time of day (avoid harsh midday light), weather, surroundings (obviously essential for finding the right subject and composition too), etc. A full-time nature photographer makes some thorough research of all these conditions prior to taking the breathtaking pictures, which will later be published on magazine covers.

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Well, not all of us are full time photographers (I confess I am not), however some minimal pre-work can be done by each of us to determine the ideal lighting conditions and thereby improve our pictures. Here some examples:
– check how the sky looks like today. Is it overcast? Do we have sunny weather? Is it likely to rain? I always do this prior to taking a timelapse where clouds are the main moving subject, otherwise it’s just wasted time!
– when does the sun rise? Without knowing this I couldn’t have taken these photos:
(And trust me, it’s not a pleasure to wake up at 5:30 AM when you are on holiday. But a small sacrifice pays off sometimes, ain’t it?)
– when does it set? Well, this is the only research I did prior to taking the below photos last week. Of course I also knew the surroundings 🙂

My conclusion? Be in the right place and at the right time!

PS. When travelling to Bucharest don’t forget to visit Herastrau Park as well:)













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