Sunset in Bran

This time lapse video was taken this year in Bran while I was on holiday. It is in fact the first time lapse I’m creating “end-to-end” so there is plenty of room for improvement;-)

Creating time lapses is not difficult. All you need is:

– a good tripod

– an intervalometer (either inbuilt in the camera or in the remote control). The frames should be taken at regular time intervals, otherwise the dynamic of the resulting movie might seem unnatural. Also the intervalometer will ensure you don’t need to sit near the camera while pictures are taken. You can do other stuff like reading a book, surfing the internet or … taking some photos (if you have a second camera).

– right settings (aperture priority with an exposure compensation will do just fine in most situations)

– a software that is able to create the movie out of the frames (e.g. Lightroom and some plugins).

– finding the right angle (I prefer wide angles especially because the frames need to be cropped at editing so the 1080p or 720p format is obtained).

So much with the theory. Now let’s enjoy it! (1080p) (720p)

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