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D500. Further Impressions and My Findings about Setting It Up

Hi folks!

In this post I wrote about my first impressions regarding the Nikon D500 camera. At that time I was just beginning to discover this “beast”. Now after almost eight months of using it (in which I took over 10000 pictures) I can say I have a much clearer view (and I’m not talking about the optical finder here!). So I would like to provide you more of my findings hoping that they will be useful for the ones purchasing or owning such a camera. But before I do this I must mention following: this is not supposed to be a professional review but more like a (subjective) opinion based exclusively on my field experience with the camera. It is addressed primarily to the enthusiastic segment as the the full time pros are supposed to know their needs well (to quote Ken Rockwell “you people know who you are”). But if this post is useful to them too I can only be glad. Regarding absolute beginners I simply don’t recommend D500 as it is way too advanced and the attempt to master it might cause a lot of frustration and disappointment. In my opinion there are more appropriate cameras for beginners namely each consumer camera up to the Nikon D7XXX series.

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Now let me present you my impressions and findings.
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