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More Findings on Photographing Birds

Hi again friends!

Another year has almost passed with all the good and the bad stuff. Time runs faster and faster, its flow never stops. And neither do the birds! Well they stop from time to time to rest on a branch, on sidewalks or roofs and then they fly again. Or they keep swimming into lakes and seas in search for their precious food. Either way for me it is a delight both watching and photographing them. For improving my bird photography results, this year I even bought a new lens (Tamron 100-400mm f4.5-6.3) which is both faster (in autofocus) and longer than the old one (a 70-300mm Tamron). After using it more times I came to some conclusions both regarding settings and taking bird pictures in general, some of which might apply to other photographic genres as well.

Let me share my new findings with you.

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