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A Photo Gallery of Birds I photographed in 2020

Hi friends!

This is my last post for the current year and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the pictures with birds I’ve taken during 2020 that I’m especially fond of. I initially wanted to name this article “Best Bird Pictures Taken in 2020” or something similar but such appreciations might be pretty subjective and possibly arrogant (or might create such an appearance). So I thought it’s best to let you judge the “goodness” of my photos and decide if they really stand out.

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What Photography Means To Me (5)

As mentioned in one of my previous posts photography can be an expensive hobby. Many people think it’s not worth spending a lot of money in photo gear unless a return on investment is expected, otherwise mentioned “you get your money back”. This made me ask myself this question quite often in the past: “should I start taking photos for money”? Should I become a professional photographer?

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