The Beauty of Malta. Nine Places that are Definitely Worth Seeing

Hi again folks!

In this post I will write a few words about my last trip abroad which took place in September this year. I went to Malta and had the opportunity to see both larger islands (Malta and Gozo) and also two of the smaller ones (Komino and Kominotto). There are many things to say about Malta but I’ll try to focus on the essential stuff here, namely the places that impressed me the most.

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But first I would like to provide you a short overview of what I liked most and what I liked less about Malta.

What I liked most were:

  • the beautiful views, especially St. Peter’s Pool, the Blue Caves and the Isle of Gozo
  • the medieval fortresses from Victoria and Mdina
  • the friendliness of the inhabitants from Gozo

What I liked less was:

  • The hard to find supermarkets and mini-markets
  • The narrow roads with heavy traffic (especially in the mother island, in Gozo it was slightly better). As a pedestrian it was quite a (dangerous) adventure to cross them as there were few places designed for this otherwise normal “operation”.

Now some general advice in case you want to visit it too:

  • Malta is slightly more expensive than other similar locations (Greece, Cyprus) so add 25-50% to your usual trip expenses. Better safe than sorry!
  • If you want more to relax and less to visit, Gozo Island is your choice. Its beautiful wild landscapes are an invitation for peace, relaxation and resting.
  • Don’t always trust Google Maps. And most of all … take a cab on your way back to airport! (trust me, I know what I’m talking about) Otherwise the bus is a good means of transport and if you buy a one week ticket you have unlimited rides both in Malta and Gozo. It’s usually reliable but there might occasionally be some surprises. I don’t recommend renting a car unless you are a resident of Great Britain, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand or other countries where cars drive on the left side.

Now let’s get to the places. I’ll describe them briefly and let the pictures do the further “talking”. There’s no specific ranking as in my opinion every one of them is worth seeing. But if you ask me my favorites are St. Peter’s Pool, the Victoria Fortress and the Blue Caves.

Ok, let’s get started!

1. St. Peter’s Pool

As the name mentions it’s a pool but a 100% natural one. It’s incredible what nature can achieve on its own! Although it’s entirely built within rocks (no sand) it’s an ideal place for both swimming and tanning. Regarding water it is crystal clear and although it’s pretty deep you can watch an incredible scenery underwater (bring your swimming gear!). Also if you are brave enough you can do some artistic jumping from the surrounding cliffs. Highly recommended!

2. Azure Window (Gozo)

The Azure Window was an arch-like rocky structure that existed on the Isle of Gozo. The structure itself doesn’t exist anymore as it collapsed due to natural erosion. However the area is superb (although again no sand beaches, everything is rocky). It’s ideal to see it near sunset. The rock formations are incredible and so are the caves. Take good caution if you want to swim and try to find a more quiet area (we found one) as the waves (and cliffs!) might be pretty rough.

3. The Fortress from Victoria (Gozo)

This is another interesting place to see in Gozo, especially if you have a passion for history. The fortress itself is impressive but you can also enjoy visiting its museums, especially the history and natural history ones. The cathedral museum can also be visited for an extra charge.

4. Mdina

It’s one of the “must visit” places from Malta. It has been built by the Knights of Malta and it is a well preserved medieval city. Like the Victoria Fortress it’s a good place to fuel your passion for history and architecture. You can also enjoy a good meal (I recommend you the Trattoria “AD 1530”). What I liked less about this wonderful site was that car access is unrestricted even on narrow streets so you really have to pay good attention. Otherwise I strongly recommend you visit it!

5. Blue Grotto

Another incredible natural structure with huge cliffs and caves. In my opinion it’s the best place from Malta to watch a (romantic) sunset. It’s simply incredible. And you if are lucky and pay good attention to details you might even see a flock of black goats climbing the huge cliffs! (check third picture below)

6. Zonqor Beach

If you are passionate for swimming I really recommend you this beach! Unlike other beaches from Malta the swimming area is very generous spanning a few kilometres. The underwater landscape is also worth watching (but not as incredible as at St. Peter’s Pool) so take your snorkelling gear with you.

7. Blue Lagoon (Komino)

This is the place where the first Blue Lagoon movie was filmed. If you visit it, you’ll understand why it was chosen for this. It was the first time I swam through a cave (and got out on the other side) and the experience was incredible!

8. Upper Gardens (Valetta)

A beautiful place in the heart of Valetta that provides an incredible panorama of the harbour, especially at sunset. And if you are lucky you can also witness some cannon salvos. To reach there you can use an elevator or the stairs but be cautious if you are afraid of heights!

9. The Ta’Pinu Church (Gozo)

An incredible piece of architecture and a place of great religious significance as several miracles have been reported along the years. The surrounding area is also worth walking through and can be described in these three words: relaxing, wild, beautiful.

Bonus: if you have children you might want to visit Popeye’s Village. This is the place where the famous movie starring Robin Williams was produced in the 80’s. So if you have some extra time it’s a place which the kids will definitely enjoy!

I hope you found this post useful and if you plan to visit Malta in the nearby future I wish you a great trip!

Thanks for reading and take care.

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