Autumn in the Mountains

Hi friends!

First of all l must admit I’m a summer fan. I like the heat, I like the sun, I like the long days, I like everything about it. I simply love it! However summer only takes three months, which is only a small part of the year. And after all every season has its charm, doesn’t it? This includes … autumn!

Autumn has two “faces” which might turn the way we see it into a “love-hate relationship”. On the one hand we have the beautiful colors and the (still) warm sunny days. On the other hand the weather might be rainy, cold and it could even snow, especially in the mountains. Usually we get both of them. Actually as I’m writing this post it’s snowing in Bucharest. And it’s only mid-November!

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However in this article I will share with you my optimism by focusing on the “bright’n’beautiful side”. And because I’m a mountain fan I will talk about autumn in the mountains. This is just a personal preference as in cities and lowland in general the landscapes can be equally superb.

In my opinion the best month for “sightseeing” in the mountains is October (second best one is May but this is another story). Of course it’s best to check the weather forecast at least once before going on a trip because as already mentioned the weather is pretty unstable in this time period of the year. But if you are lucky and get some sunny days there will be no regrets. On the contrary you will have a great time. And you will witness breathtaking landscapes with all possible colors: crude green, dark summer green, yellow, orange, intense red and brown. This is what I encountered in my last trip which only took two days. To be honest my only regret is that it was so short. But I made best use of this time and turned it into an unforgettable experience!

Mountains are charming in every season but in autumn the view is incredible. The colors are more vivid than ever! Another thing is that the landscapes change from week to week and even from day to day as the leaves of the trees progressively turn from green to yellow, from yellow to red or brown. Of course there are also some evergreen trees which have a valuable contribution to the beauty of the surroundings.

Let’s also not forget the other elements that contribute to the uniqueness of the sight: beautiful mountain villages, the rocky ridges of the mountains, a herd of sheep, a furry mountain dog that barks at the strangers, old traditional houses, a seemingly endless forest road and many others. I encourage you to discover all of them in every season. But if you choose October as a mountain travel month I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Before letting you enjoy the photos I would offer you one last piece of advice: take good clothes with you. The days might be warm but the evenings are cold and the mornings are even colder!

To conclude, every season deserves cherishing and autumn is no exception. So let’s enjoy it!

Take care.

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