The Bucharest AeroNautic Show

Hi again! After attending the BIAS2018 airshow ( two months later I went to similar event that took place in Bucharest, namely the AeroNautic Show. Like BIAS this event takes place once a year, namely in September. The word AeroNautic shows the fact that it mixes two parts: the aerial show and the water sports: planes, helicopters, motor boats and other water devices are here to charm the viewers. This is different from BIAS where only aircraft is creating the show.

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The event took only three hours but it was definitely worth watching. It included more interesting episodes like troops being parachuted onto the lake and then being “rescued” by motor boats, a simulation of a counter-terrorist operation and multiple proofs of mastery in the air using classic propeller planes and helicopters. The water speeders also offered a spectacular show. Last but not least the “Air Bandits” (an international crew lead by the famous Jurgis Kairys) delighted the public with their aerial maneouvres. To be honest they are one of the main reasons for me attending this show and many other air events where they participate. They are the “salt and pepper” of the airshows! As usual I’ll now let the pictures “talk”. Take care! PS: when attending an airshow it’s a good idea to take a binocular too. And check these posts too:

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