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Hi folks!

It’s time for a new airshow post. As in previous 3 years I attended the Bucharest International Airshow (BIAS) in 2018 too. Unfortunately due to time constraints I was only able to watch 2 hours of the show. However as on previous occasions I didn’t get disappointed.

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To be honest the main reason I’m attending the airshow is Mr. Jurgis Kairys whose superb and spectacular manoeuvres are really unforgettable. There was no exception from this rule and indeed he offered a superb show consisting of looping moves, diving, controlled falls and so on (see last seven pictures below).

However the other protagonists were also worth watching. Among these were the Romanian parachutists, some of who unveiled flags and thus marked the 100th anniversary of Romania. The helicopters belonging to the Romanian fleet also offered a great view. Classic propeller airplanes (like IAK) executed spectacular moves which contributed to the greatness of the show.

Last but not least a formation of eight Turkish Airforce fighter planes (a.k.a. Turkish Stars) delighted the eye-witnesses by executing incredible moves at full speed and leaving trails of red and white smoke on the sky.

I will now let you watch the photos. Too bad I only had few time but I would say it was definitely worth watching.

Take care.

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