Unwanted Reflections (2)

Hi folks!

Some while ago I published Unwanted Reflections. Since then I hoped that occasions to take such pictures will be fewer. In the meantime I continued to take all kinds of photos: landscapes, birds, insects and so on. However from time to time I couldn’t help myself from photographing bad behaviour too. This hasn’t vanished and frankly speaking I don’t think it will vanish so soon. Who knows, maybe in the future people will realise that plastic and nature are not a good match but as one Romanian proverb says “much water will still flow in the Danube until that happens”.

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Yet let’s not get that pessimistic. Because it’s often good to see the good part in everything I’m trying to apply this principle here too. After all even if unwanted these are still reflections, aren’t they? So as a “light painter” why not try different angles and settings, observe how the light falls and so on? Photography is not only about taking “classic” pictures. It’s also about breaking patterns. Like I often tell my friends: “If I took pictures only with things that people usually shoot, wouldn’t I get boring? So I’ll also capture what people usually don’t.

Bottom line: even some “bad things” can be good occasions to take stunning pictures! Or at least pictures that convey a very clear message.

Take care.




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