Unwanted Animals

Hi folks,

Today I’m going to write a few words about some of the probably most hated animals. I’m going to write about … rats!

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Yes, you heard right: rats. For centuries they have been feared and hunted. This happens nowadays too. I cannot say the reasons are missing. They carry diseases. For example they caused the great plague epidemic from the Middle Ages, which decimated a great part of the European population. They live in places which are not famous for being clean (basically almost everywhere where trash resides) so they are considered dirty animals (well, so are the humans who throw the trash where they shouldn’t – more details¬†here). And they are also very proficient when it comes to reproduction, which naturally scares most of the people.

I’m not going to debate these reasons. I’m not going to turn into an advocate of the rats. Instead I would like to show you another “face” of these beings, namely the prettier one. Yes, even if hated and unwanted, rats can be cute too. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, they can be so cute that a rat pet was “created” by breeding the brown rat with other species. Yes, you can have a domesticated rat in your apartment! How about that?

I’ll now let the pictures continue the story.

Take care!

PS. Check this too: Before and After

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