Another Unforgettable Trip

Hi folks!

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An Unforgetable Trip
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Let me share with you another trip I’ve been to. It happened at the end of May this year and this time I went to the Ciucas Peak together with a few friends. This peak is part of the Ciucas Mountains which themselves belong to the southern Oriental Carpathian (for reference check the map of the Prahova County in Romania).

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To get straight to the point, the landscape is superb and unique. It resembles a citadel as the cliffs have a “tower-like” aspect with rounded edges. Just what a photographer needs! Lucky me I decided to take my camera which was put to serious work. There were hundreds of pictures to take as we continued hiking towards the peak. The nice part was that although spring was in its full rights (as it should be at the end of May) the remnants of winter were still visible. We noticed chunks of snow of different sizes and sometimes we even had to climb through them. In such situations one needs to pay much attention (and have good footwear) as these parts might become very slippery. However we managed to climb our way through the peak from which we could admire the unique landscape in all possible directions.

Finally we returned to our starting point (the Ciucas hut chalet). On our way back as sun was approaching sunset we continued to notice the unique shapes of the mountains and wondered how nature can create such beauty. We saw snow looking like rivers, beautiful flowers and even small lakes.

From hiking point of view the way was of medium difficulty. However as mentioned earlier when snow and mud are present the attention should be increased as accidents are unwanted. As a general rule one should respect the mountains and never underestimate them. Mountains can sometimes deceive and the weather conditions can turn an easy way into a difficult one. Nevertheless no matter how the weather is mountains always remain beautiful!

To conclude this post, it’s hard to describe such an adventure in words. For this reason I will let the pictures continue the story. Hope you will also visit this area too. I promise you won’t regret!

Take care.

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