Unwanted Reflections

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Well dear friends, today I will show you another type of reflections. It’s not a beautiful sunset which is mirrored in the water or in a modern piece of architecture. It’s not a bird or a boat. Instead it’s … garbage!

Yes, you heard me well. Garbage. Sad as it may sound, this can also float. In fact bad behavior floats, as I found out on (too) many occasions. It floats in rivers, lakes and even in the sea. Actually it is quite unpleasant to “catch” a beautiful subject (like a bird or a sunset), think you can get a good photo out of it and then realize it’s “decorated” by various waste like bottles, cans and other “goodies”. Not quite the landscape of one’s dreams.

Back to the pictures, these have been taken during more photographic sessions and in different places. Maybe you will find them interesting. Others might find them annoying. However what I hope is that I’ll have less occasions to take such photos in the future.

We should keep nature as beautiful as it has always been!










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