Insects (8)

Let me show you the latest insect pictures taken this summer. Indeed, it was the last summer week and the weather was wonderful. So I thought: well, this might be the last chance to “capture” some more insects this year. Let’s get to work then!

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After 2 days of wandering in the hot sun, searching, waiting and shooting I can say it was definitely worth doing it. I met some “new” and interesting insects like the european green mantis, which is somehow related to locusts. Until then I had only seen it in pictures. If you are far from it, you can think it’s only a leaf. Great camouflage! I also had the chance to see a “predator” insect in action, which is something you don’t notice every day.

Bottom line: insect photography is difficult. It’s a real challenge! You have to search a lot, great patience is required and, if lucky, 10 percents of the taken photos are a keeper (usually it’s less). But even if you are left with one (great) picture from all the hard work, the satisfaction is huge!

PS. Check this too:














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