Before and After

Daisy is a puppy I “adopted” last summer right before my birthday (so I can say I got my b-day present!) after she had been abandoned by someone near our courtyard. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep her for long, yet before finding her a new master I ensured she gets all possible attention and care.

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The photos below on the left (“before”) were taken right after her “arrival”, while the other ones were shot a month after she had become the new “family member”.

Now Daisy is in the countryside with her new master. She has grown up and although I have some regrets of not keeping her, the satisfaction that I helped (and maybe saved) her is much greater!

Helping a being (human or not) makes one happier 🙂

DSC_7138      DSC_0032

DSC_7151      DSC_0083

DSC_7227      DSC_0089

DSC_7256      DSC_0093

DSC_7261      DSC_0098

DSC_7273      DSC_0101

DSC_7384      DSC_0108

DSC_7401      DSC_0135

DSC_7432      DSC_9914

DSC_7455      DSC_9950

DSC_7456      DSC_9972

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