The Flash Strikes Again!

No, it’s not about rain and storm! In fact, everything was shot indoors, similar to these posts:

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However, this time I decided to “explore” transparent objects! This might be pretty challenging, as transparent surfaces might sometimes cause weird light effects (like dispersion), especially when a flash is used. These effects could either enhance or ruin a picture, depending on what the photographer intends to achieve.

To get best results, it would be a good idea to follow these “beginner” steps:

1) Place the subject so you get a nice composition and background. Make sure no unwanted light source interferes with your frame. Trust me, this will save you a lot of work at post-processing!
2) Put the camera on a tripod. Use a remote control (or whatever suits you best) to avoid camera movement. I prefer the wireless RC, but a cabled one might be good too.
3) When using an external flash, take it off camera, if you can control it remotely (e.g. through internal camera flash). You can hold it within your hand while shooting, or put it on a second tripod. I prefer the first alternative, as it brings more flexibility and allows me to easily change the lighting angle. Use a flash diffuser if available to make the light smoother.
4) Shoot! Practice! Experiment with light! Try different angles, camera & flash settings, until you get the desired results. Sometimes you might take hundreds of pictures in one session and keep only 1. But trust me, it’s worth doing it!

To conclude, this type of photography is much more complex than these simple steps show, yet they can be a good starting point. More could be achieved by reading books, watching tutorials, attending courses and workshops, buying more gear etc. However, one thing is sure: practice and creativity are of utmost importance! And don’t forget: rules are made to be broken, as soon as you master the technique!

Good luck!


DSC_0559_01 DSC_0581_01
Same subject, different lighting!


DSC_0600_01 DSC_0605_01
Playing with focus…

DSC_0615_01…now everything is clear!

DSC_0677_01 DSC_0681_01
Maximum vs. minimum contrast


DSC_0689_01This is what I was actually shooting!

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