Snails (4)

In previous snails posts I only displayed some pictures taken in the city, namely in my garden. Now I think it’s time to say a few words about mountain snails too. In fact, what I will mention is based entirely on my observations and might not always be applicable. But apart from it’s artistic side and the idea of expressing feelings, isn’t photography about observing and documenting?

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Ok, so let me present you the mountain limax. Unlike its city relative, this snail is active during daytime too. Well, not all the time but especially when there is a lot of moisture and it’s colder outside. And in the mountains this happens quite often!

Second, its colors look a bit different from the ones the city snail has, simply because the terrain is different and being more active it needs a sort of camouflage. In other words, it had to adapt to the place where it is located. Most limax snails I noticed in mountain areas are either brown or black (as a personal opinion the black one looked most interesting to me). For comparison to their city fellows see this article:

To conclude, this summer it rained a lot in Bucharest, so the limax population had an explosive growth. However, this cannot be compared to the huge number of snails I spotted in the mountains. Who knows, maybe like us humans they simply feel better where there is fresh air and less polution 🙂













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