Woodpeckers are fascinating birds! No wonder they appeared even in cartoons (Has anyone not watched at least an episode from Woody’s adventures in childhood?)

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There are 2 reasons for which I find these birds awesome. First one is the looks: both funny and colorful. A wonder of nature! Second, they are highly beneficial to trees by cleaning them from harmful insects and worms. For this reason they are sometimes called “forest’s doctor”!

Well, I can hear some of you complain about the noise they continually make while doing their job! I personally don’t find this that annoying (think you agree there are much more disturbing noises in the city) and consider that this “disdvantage” can be neglected when looking at the positives.

Below you can find some pictures with 2 Woodys I “shot” this year. I saw the black one in the mountains during one of my trips, while the second “worked” (and still works as I am writing this article) in the nut tree which grows in front of my house.

One last note: you need to hurry up when taking a picture with a woodpecker. Be quick or you lose it! This bird does not waste time at all and continously flies from place to place to search for its food.


Check this too: https://callofnatureblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/the-young-seagull-kiki/













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