No matter if flying, crawling or other types, insects are one of the most fascinating part of macro photography. They are also the most difficult part of macro shooting as taking good pictures of them can be both time consuming and physically exhausting.

It’s not like standing relaxed with your tripod and quietly capturing some good sunset photos (though that ain’t easy either). Instead you need to patiently wait, move carefully so the “target” doesn’t fly or run away, find “impossible” angles and in the same time keep chasing the continually moving insect which in rare occasions “agrees” to stand still. As said it’s exhausting but it’s definitely worth doing it as getting some amazing results brings one a satisfaction that is hard to describe.

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Here are some “results” of a session which took place this year in spring. That ugly black bug is very fast, although it is pretty huge compared to other insects. It took me some time to get some good pictures. Comparing to this the red bugs (called in Romania “God’s Eye”) were much easier to capture.












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