Off-camera flash…reloaded

I recently took these pictures using the already classic “off-camera flash” technique. Maybe it’s not the best technique when shooting macro. A ringflash might be more suitable as it practically “wipes out” the shadows. However as I currently don’t have one I had to use the external SB600 flash wirelessly triggered by the camera.

Now regarding shadows … I don’t think they should always be completely taken out from the picture even if we are talking about macro. When using a white paper in order to enhance the contrast between the subject and the background (as I did here) YOU NEED to have some shadows, otherwise the viewer might think that the subject is floating somewhere in the air. Therefore shadows not only are useful but required in such situations.

Which is the story of these pictures?


I found this stone in Corfu island some years ago as I was walking on the beach. The skull-like shape made me wonder how nature can shape up things in such a way. Indeed nature itself is a fantastic and original creator!


This bullet is now part of history as it was fired in the Romanian Revolution (1989). It was found on the streets some days after the fight ended.

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